Let beauty bloom. Forever.
Let beauty bloom. Forever.
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Why Pressed Flowers?

Flowers make any space or any event temporarily more beautiful. At Francis Foliage we believe that the beauty of flowers should live on forever.

Every floral arrangement that we receive is hand pressed using our handmade flower press. It is a delicate and intricate process that can take multiple days to complete. Once the flowers are in the press, it often takes over a month for certain flowers to be completely dry. This process is a form of art to us and we love every minute of it!

If you want to remember how beautiful your garden was this year, press some flowers. If you want to admire your wedding bouquet for decades, press some flowers. Were the centerpieces at your baby shower gorgeous? Press them. Did you have your grandmas favorite flowers at her funeral? Those need to be pressed.

As you can see, there are so many different occasions that need to be remembered with pressed flowers. We are here for you to make sure your floral arrangements remain beautiful forever. Click on the "Custom" tab above to learn more about getting your flowers pressed by Francis Foliage.

Flower Pressing in Buffalo, NY

We are one of the only companies that offers flower pressing services in Buffalo, NY. We are located just south of the city of Buffalo, about 15 minutes away in Orchard Park, NY. We also accept flowers from all over the country. It's much easier than you'd think to ship a bouquet of flowers. View our shipping guide for more information!

Monthly Donations

Every month a portion of our sales is donated to a local charity or foundation. Do you know of a charity or oganization that is in need? Send us their information!