About Us


Julia got married to her high school sweetheart on July 11, 2020. She made her own bouquet and knew she wanted to somehow preserve it. After searching Pinterest for ideas, she decided pressing her bouquet would be the best option for her. She had a flower press that she got at a thrift store and went to work. After a few weeks of being in the press, the flowers turned out amazing! She posted a story on her Instagram page, and the feedback was amazing. Although pressed flower frames are all over Pinterest, it's something that her Buffalo based followers haven't really seen before. It became apparent that there were very limited services in Buffalo offering floral preservation. After many messages and comments Julia knew she had a new business in the works.
Julia has a passion for all types of plants, florals, and greenery. She has a vast realm of knowledge and creativity when it comes to live decor. Francis Foliage is the business that blossomed out of a small DIY project but has turned into a beautiful new venture.