Is your garden looking particularly beautiful this year? Let us press some flowers for you so you can remember your garden forever! For the rest of the month of August we are offering $100 8x10 frames featuring your garden flowers. You'll be able to choose between a black or silver frame (pictured below). We will only accept flowers form your garden, no wedding bouquets or store bought flowers will be allowed. Garden flowers/wild flowers are much easier to press and take up less space in our presses, which is why we are able to offer these frames at a lower price. Some examples of garden flowers include: clematis, garden roses, black eyed susans, hydrangeas, yarrow, cosmos, day lilies, phlox, aster, daisies, queen annes lace, yarrow, chamomile.

Some flowers such as cone flowers, large sunflowers, dahlias, zinnias etc. are too thick to fit into these low profile frames therefore we cannot accept them. 

To proceed, email/ call/ text us with some photos or a description of the flowers you'd like to get pressed. We require you to bring in 10-15 flowers. Once the flowers are dried after a few months, we will begin framing the flowers. 4-10 flowers are able to fit into the frames. Garden flowers usually retain their colors once pressed, the frames turn our very vibrant and beautiful! 

Reach out today to get your garden flowers pressed!