1. Make sure you get your flowers into clean water as soon as possible. Wedding clients, we know your flowers are the most important but this also means they're out of water the longest! Try to get them into water during your reception and until you ship them to us. This will make sure they stay hydrated and fresh. It's also a great idea to ship us any other flowers such as centerpieces, since those will most likely be in water longer. 

2. Wrap the ends of your flower stems in a wet paper towel- this will make sure the flowers are staying hydrated during shipping. You can then wrap that paper towel in a plastic bag or saran wrap to keep the moisture in. Wrap this tightly in a rubber band or tape to make sure everything stays together!

3. Wrap your bouquet in tissue paper to make sure they are safe during transit. We don't want your flowers getting all tossed around and bruised! You can use tissue paper or kraft paper to gently keep your flowers protected.

4. Load your flowers into a box with plenty of cushioning to keep them from bouncing around. Crumpled up paper, tissue paper, and cardboard work great. It is very important to NOT use plastic of any kind. Bubble wrap and plastic bags hold in moisture and can cause the flowers to mold during transit. 

5. Ship your flowers using UPS/ FedEx express mail. This will ensure the quickest delivery! It's important that you ship out your flowers as soon as possible so they are still fresh by the time they get here. If you get married on a Friday, shipping them Saturday is great. Otherwise, ship them out on Monday!

*Depending on time of year, we may require an ice pack to be included into the package. 

USPS has been arriving very delayed and damaging boxes so FedEx and UPS work best.

Please make sure you include a note in the box with your name and phone number so we know whose flowers arrive. We also require you to send us an email with the tracking number so we can stay on top of tracking them. If you follow these instructions, your flowers will arrive in great condition to be pressed! If you do not follow these instructions, it is NOT our responsibility if your flowers arrive wilted or damaged. By shipping your flowers to us you agree that we will use whatever flowers we can from your bouquet and will not press anything that has arrived dead or damaged. 

Shipping address:
Francis Foliage
5758 Big Tree Road
Orchard Park NY 14127

We are SO excited to receive your flowers and press them. Please reach out with any other questions you may have!